Introducing ALPHACAM New SMP Plan

Your enrollment offers you the following valuable benefits:

1. All ALPHACAM software releases for a 12 month period.

2. Technical Support via email and phone for a 12 month period.

3. Key Insurance.
        a. If your key is lost due to theft, fire, flood, etc. we will immediately give you a 30‐day virtual license for use while a new replacement key is shipped to you (key replacement cost of $150 applies).
        b. If you have a Network license that is lost it will be replaced immediately at no cost.
        c. Non‐SMP members will be charge second seat replacement cost for this feature.

4. Training class savings
        a. 30% savings of second student enrollment on any two or three day course.
        b. Introductory ALPHACAM training (IAT) class refresher within 12 month of taking class.
               i. If you take ALPHACAM’s IAT class and need a refresher within 12 months you may attend a class at no additional charge.
              ii. Space must be available and reservations are required.
        c. Purchase additional training time online at 2 hour segments. ($250 per session, 2 hour min & max, IAT prerequisite)

5. Post Processor Development
        a. The implementation of new machinery can be an expensive exercise. Receive a 20% discount on your purchase of additional post processors for your other CNCs, after you purchase your first post from ALPHACAM.
        b. Minor post modifications to any of your current post processors, developed for your company by ALPHACAM, are included with your SMP plan (limited to one hour programming time for modifications).

6. Webinars sessions
        a. Email invitation sent to enrolled members only.
        b. New software release reviews
        c. Feature highlights
        d. Professional Services on VBA solutions

7. Professional Services Projects
        a. The flexibility of ALPHACAM means we can utilize Visual Basic Applications to provide product enhancement solutions specifically for your company. Customers subscribing to SMP qualify for a 10% discount on their VBA project fees, making the programming solution even more attractive.
        b. Free online initial consultation with a Professional Services team member.


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