VBA is "Visual Basic for Application". It is a programming language built into ALPHACAM that allows users to program macros to automate complex tasks. With VBA for ALPHACAM you can develop small procedures (macros) that will streamline your design to manufacturing process and allow you to do more in less time. VBA is also a very powerful programming language with which you can develop within ALPHACAM real programs that will accomplish in a few minutes very complex tasks. With VBA for ALPHACAM you can develop a program that does exactly what you need. Planit Solutions Inc. offers VBA for ALPHACAM training on a per request basis.

Please contact a Planit Solutions’ representative for further information.


                                                                    Contact For More Information:

                                                                    ALPHACAM Training Department
                                                                    800.280.6932 Toll Free
                                                                    321.238.6466 Fax

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