Customer Specific Training

Customer Specific Training is tailored to meet your specific needs. The instructor will create a course that will help you program the type of work you perform in your shop. Our ALPHACAM certified instructors have extensive knowledge in the metal and woodworking fields to help the users of ALPHACAM complete projects that may be out of their normal scope of production.  Students should bring any drawings or examples that they wish to discuss throughout the duration of the course.

Customer Specific Training allows customers to receive one-on-one training that directly relates to their business. By the end of this course, students will have a better understanding of how ALPHACAM can facilitate the production of their designs since this course is created around the students actual work orders. This creates more efficient workers and, ultimately, improves your bottom line.

To ensure that your company receives the individual attention it deserves, there will be no more than two companies scheduled at the same time. ALPHACAM recommends that you call to confirm a date to avoid any conflicts.

                                                                    Contact For More Information:

                                                                    ALPHACAM Training Department
                                                                    800.280.6932 Toll Free
                                                                    321.238.6466 Fax

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