Constrained Parametric Sketching

The Design Constraint Manager in ALPHACAM V7 Advanced Modules allows us to take charge of how our sketches react when elements within the sketch are modified. Element lengths and distances between elements can be driven by parameters and the sketch re-solved instantly. This is an excellent tool for any manufacturer making families of parts with dimensional changes. Fully constraining a sketch eliminates distortion of the shape when dragging. We can also drive the behavior with Parameters set at values. These can control dimensions of length, distance, angle and radius values, etc.

Students may bring files for review and recommendations.

Course Duration: 1 day 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Course Content

 Overview of the training course
 Introduction to the course material that will be covered 
 What Can and Cannot be Constrained
 Constraints Project Manager Page
 Constraints Application Methods
 Constraints Types, Options, and Parameter Options
 Understanding Angle Constraints
 Constraints Training Example and Work Sheets
 Constraints Example #1
 Constraints Example #2
 Constraints Example #3
 Constraints Example #4
 Constraints Example #5
 Constraints Example #6
 Constraints Example #7
 Constraints Example #8
 Constraints Example #9
 Practical Applications
 Course Review-Questions and Comments
 Training Course Conclusion


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