ALPHACAM Course Descriptions


Introductory ALPHACAM Training (IAT)    $975.00 per person for 3-day course

Prerequisite: Basic computer and software skills

Introductory ALPHACAM Training (IAT) is a mandatory prerequisite for all other ALPHACAM training courses. This 3-day course will provide users with the foundation they need to maximize the productivity of their business and of the ALPHACAM software.

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Constrained Parametric Sketching (CPS)   $325.00 per person for 1-day course

Prerequisite: Introductory ALPHACAM Training Course or 2 years experience and current software.

**This class is not designed for Alphawindoor users or potential Alphawindoor users.
The Design Constraint Manager in ALPHACAM V7 Advanced Modules allows us to take charge of how our sketches react when elements within the sketch are modified. 

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Cabinet Door Manufacturing (CDM)    $325.00 per person for 1- day course

Prerequisite: Introductory ALPHACAM Training Course

CDM provides an ALPHACAM environment to process customer orders for an unlimited range of doortypes of custom sizes from an extensive library of door styles

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3D Advanced Functionality (3DA)  $975.00 per person for a 3-day course

Prerequisite: Introductory ALPHACAM Training Course + 3 months min. experience

Learn manipulation of 2D to 3D and 3D to 2D geometry, work volumes and work planes and 3D surface creation.

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Automated Parametric Manufacturing (APM)    $1,800.00 per person for a 5-day course

Prerequisite: Introductory ALPHACAM Training Course + 3 months min. experience

APM is an ALPHACAM VBA application designed for the creation and production of Parametric Assemblies with CNC woodworking machines.

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Customer Specific Training -In-House (CST)   $1000.00 up to 4 students per day 

Prerequisite: Introductory ALPHACAM Training Course and an Outline of Topics required

We will create a course to meet your specific needs that will help you program the type of work you perform in your shop. 

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VBA in ALPHACAM Training (VBA)    $1000.00 per day

Prerequisite: As a minimum, those attending this course will need to have experience of using parametric macros to automate operations in ALPHACAM and some basic general understanding of programming languages. In particular, experience of using VBA in Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel and Access would be especially beneficial.

Introduction to VBA in ALPHACAM.

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