Cabinet Door Manufacturing

Alphadoor training allows students to become skilled at using the software to create a multitude of cabinet door and drawer fronts on CNC machines. Students will discover how effortlessly Alphadoor can take designs from concept to production.

You will learn the steps required to run Alphadoor. These steps include the following:

1. System Set-up - Setting the working environment units, locations etc.
2. Materials Set-up - Material definitions sizes and nesting restrictions.
3. Door type Set-up - Definition of the machining applications on a door style.
4. Order Creation -  Set up an order with customer details, door types and sizes.
5. Production Queue  - Combine Parts from orders to produce a production run.
6. Code output -   Output the code suitable for the machine.
7. Report generator  - Create order reports together with Labels and barcodes.

Screen Layout  
System Set-up  
     Output Options  
     File Management  
Materials Set-up       
     Materials List  
     Delete Materials  
     Add New Materials  
     Set the Sheet Dimensions  
     Set the Nesting Parameters  
Door Processing Screen  
Process Plan  
Type Definition  
     Op1 Pocket Area Clear  
     Op2 Finish Profile 6mm Radius  
     Op3 Engrave 45 degree Profile  
     Op4 Finish Profile Door   
     Setting the Door Defaults  
Altering the Door Defaults   
     Viewing the type  
Making Changes to a Type  
     Adding additional operations   
     Reorder the operations  
     Modify Operation Details
     Copy a Door Type  
Order Processing  
     Create a New Order  
     Setting Dates  
     Customer Details  
     Add a New Customer  
     Activate an Order  
     Run the Order
     Modify the Sheet Details 
     Rerun the Order  
Using a CSV Comma Separated File  
Edit the Nest List  
Reports and Labels
Additional Machining  
Merging Orders


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