Automated Parametric Manufacturing Training

The Automated Parametric Manufacturing (APM) Training course will guide the student through the window and door manufacturing process. It is imperative that the student understands the topics covered in APM Training in order to successfully implement the software in their facility. It is essential for students to remain consistent with the software. From the Work Planes level to the Constraints, and then to APM, if they are not consistent, they will not be able to achieve desired results. Every step of the process is tied to the next; if the student cannot create and manipulate Work Planes successfully, then any Constraints they apply will most likely not react the way the student intended. Each instructor will set aside some time on the last day of training to go over any issues the students have to ensure that each student understands the complete process and is able to correctly use the software. The students can also test out the software on things that may be specific to their manufacturing needs and practices. This allows the students the opportunity to use the software in “real world” situations while still being able to take advantage of the instructor’s expertise.

 Course Content

Manual Captions Explanation
Cartesian Coordinate System
Work Volumes and Work Planes
Work Volume Creation (Work Plane Example #1)
      Creating 2D Work Planes
      Manipulating Work Plane Origins and Data
     Work Plane Example #1 Work Plane Creation
Work Plane Example #2
      Geometry Creation on an Active Plane
      Manipulating Geometries within a Work Plane Drawing
      Rotating Geometries with Work Planes
Work Plane Example #3
      Front View
      Perpendicular to top angled plane view
      Top view
Constrained Parametric Sketching
      Auto Constrain
      Constraint Types
      Understanding Angle Constraints
Constraints Example #1
      Constrained Parameters
      Distance Constraint
      Fix Constraint, Changing Parameter Values
Constraints Example #2 
     Radius Constraint, Coincident Constraint
Constraints Example #3
      Length Constraint
      Tool Paths and Constrained Parametric Sketching
      Update Tool Paths
Constraints Example #4  
      Constraining Top Work Plane
      Constraining Front Work Plane
      Constraining Back Work Plane
Constraints Example #5
      Distance Constraints for Top Plane Lock Set
      Left Hand Lock Side 
      Constraining Left Hand Lock Side Geometries
      Machining Left Hand Lock Side Work Plane
      Work Plane Creation for Angled Right Hand Hinge Side
      Geometry Creation on Angled Plane
      Constraining Angled Right Hand Hinge Side Plane
      Machining Angled Right Hand Hinge Side Work Plane
      Tool Sorting
      Datum Configuration
      Processing Overview
      Pull-down Menu Item Descriptions
      Alphawindoor Tree Structure
      Creating a new window or door type
      Modifying an existing window, door style, type or operation
      Creating an order
      Importing an external job file
      Add Machining Wizard
Constraints and Alphawindoor
Windoor Example #1

      Datum Geometry Creation
      Select Fitting Datums
      Update Fittings
      Creating an Order
Windoor Example #2      Rules
Windoor Example #3
      Component Datum Locations
      Applying Tool Paths to components
      Processing Multiple Component type Door
Alphawindoor Conclusion


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