Using Support Tags in ALPHACAM

Q. My small parts move on the table when I cut them. What can I do?

A. You can add Support Tags.

This command allows you to place support tags (also known as tabs) to tool paths that have been previously created in the current drawing. 

Go to the Machine drop down menu, select Edit Machining, and then Add Support Tags.

After you click this command, the following dialog is displayed:

This dialog has the following options:

•    Tag Type - this allows you to select between the two available tag types, Flat and Ramp.  Using a Flat tag will cause the tool to be lifted out of the material, moved the length of the tag, then plunged back into the material.  Using a Ramp tag allows the tool to ramp out of the material, then ramp back into the material

•    Tag Top Z - this allows you to specify the distance, from the Z 0 coordinate, that the top of the tag should be

•    Tag Length - this allows you to specify the total length of the tag

Once you have set your tag options to suit your needs, you can click the OK button. You will then be prompted to select the spots, along the tool paths, that you would like to place a support tag using your Mouse Pointer.

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