Removing Multiple Lines Across the Screen When Creating a Rectangle

If you get multiple lines across the screen when trying to create a rectangle using ALPHACAM V8, try the following:

Please make sure your video card drivers are current and then follow these steps:

On a computer running the XP Operating System, you may have to slow your hardware acceleration down on your video card:1) Do a right mouse click on your Desktop
2) Click on Properties
3) Click on the Settings Tab
4) Click on the Advanced button
5) Click on the Troubleshoot Tab
6) You will see a slide bar.  Lower the acceleration down to one notch above None, as shown below:

7) Click on the Apply button
8) Click on the OK button
9) Restart the ALPHACAM Program

On a system running the Vista Operating System:
1) Place a shortcut on your desktop for ALPHACAM by doing the following:
    a) Click on Start
    b) Click on All Programs
    c) Find ALPHACAM V8
    d) Right Click on your ALPHACAM Module (Ex: ALPHACAM Router)
    e) Click on Send To
    f) Click on Desktop (create shortcut)
    g) Click on an open area on your Desktop (You will see that the ALPHACAM Router shortcut is created)

2) Do a right mouse click on the ALPHACAM shortcut
3) Click on Properties
4) Click on the Compatibility Tab
5) On the Settings section, select Disable desktop composition, as shown below:

6) Click on the Apply button
7) Click on the OK button
8) Restart the ALPHACAM Program

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