How to Add Geometries to Layers

Once the layer has been created, you can add geometries to that particular layer and have the ability to turn it on or off. Take for instance, you have a cabinet side of 36X24 and it is a full height cabinet, and you have a full set of shelf holes.

Now, you can create a full height shelf hole layer, and place the shelf holes on that layer.

Now, I will create a one drawer layer and turn the full height shelf holes off.

Make the one drawer layer active by right mouse clicking and select active. Now, create your holes for your drawer slides and shelf holes. With this layer being active, you will not have to move the geometries onto this layer, they will already be there.

Now for instance you want to make this cabinet a three drawer cabinet, create a layer for the three drawers, apply your geometries to this layer, turn off your one drawer layer, now you have a full set of drawings for this particular cabinet.

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