Input External CAD Data

The Input CAD command allows you to input CAD that was created outside of ALPHACAM into a drawing. If you have access to electronic data already created, you can eliminate the geometry creation step and use this data to apply tool paths to.

For a complete list, please go to File | Input CAD... and browse through the File Type drop down box.

Clicking on the Input CAD... item, will bring up the following dialog

When inputting CAD into ALPHACAM, you have the following options available to you:


    • Input if found - this will input text into the drawing as a Geometry if any is found in the CAD file.
    • Font - allows you to designate a specific font to the text that is input into the drawing.

Join Elements

    • Yes - This will join any elements that are with in the 'Tolerance for Breaks' value that you have set
    • Tolerance for Breaks -  a specific value that you can set to determine if the CAD lines are to be joined or not
    • Combine Tangential Line-Line and Arc-Arc - causes lines and arcs which are made from a series of shorter elements to be created on input as one element


    • Ignore Width of Polyline - Allows boxes to be ignored and a center line produced from the box.
    • Show Colors of Lines and Arcs - This causes ALPHACAM to input CAD elements in the element color specified in the input file.
    • Clear Memory - removes all elements of the current Drawing before inputting the CAD drawing into memory

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