Introductory Training Courses

Basic Windows Course

This is a one-day course for those with little or no previous computer experience. The course syllabus includes coverage of the basic concepts of computing, the practical use of the Windows interface, a mouse, keyboard, computer filing systems and an overview of the differences between different data types. These courses are not included in the regular course schedule as they are arranged to meet specific user needs.

ALPHACAM Standard Course

The ALPHACAM standard introductory courses are applicable for users of both Standard and Advanced software modules.

(Day 1 - Geometry Creation)

This day is a mandatory prerequisite for other ALPHACAM training courses. The course provides an overview of computer systems, the ALPHACAM data structure, the program interface, using ALPHACAM menus, and CAD geometry creation. Some homework may be required following this course.

(Day 2/3 - Machining Techniques)

These days are generally attended in conjunction with the Day 1 (Geometry Creation) course, and ensure the successful use of standard level ALPHACAM systems, as well as being an essential basis for further advanced training. The course covers set-up functions, basic machining functionality, machining styles and the use of Alphaedit for NC code editing and machine tool communications.

Additional optional training courses should be taken up after a suitable period of system usage, when the attendee has applied the training techniques learnt from the standard course. These will then further enhance the capabilities of the attendee and ultimately the use of the system.

Normally, we would recommend at least 40 hours of continuous application of ALPHACAM between training courses.

In order to enhance the training experience, standard courses have been split into:

  • Milling courses, which are biased towards metal cutting techniques and machine configuration.
  • Router courses, which are biased towards wood cutting techniques and machine configuration.
  • Stone courses, which are biased towards stone cutting techniques and machine configuration.
  • Profile courses, which are biased towards Laser or Flame cutting techniques and machine configuration.

Any Training courses not listed in the schedule may be arranged by mutual agreement


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